Find an Upholstery Cleaning Pro in Cedar Park, TX

Relax on furniture that's clean and fresh

You use your furniture every day, but do you ever think about how much dirt and grime accumulates on your upholstery? Kenzo Cleaning Services, LLC offers thorough furniture cleaning services in Austin, Texas. If you aren't cleaning your furniture every six months, you're letting your upholstery collect dirt, dust and allergens. If you're not careful, the buildup can even diminish your indoor air quality. Our upholstery cleaning techniques efficiently eliminate germs and dust from your chairs, sofas and rugs.

Don't be afraid of germs and allergens in your upholstery. Schedule an upholstery cleaning service from Kenzo Cleaning Services in Austin, Texas today.

Brighten up your furniture and rugs

Dirt buildup can make your pieces look dingy and dull. If you haven't had your furniture cleaned in months or even years, it might be time to call us. You can schedule a furniture cleaning service for your:

  • Upholstered chair
  • Leather sofa
  • Area rug

Bring your furniture back to life. Call 512-785-4633 now to make a furniture cleaning appointment.